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Phobia Assure: WealthMaster Plan explained

By George Osei

Among the four Phobia Assure, insurance policies currently on the market in the Hearts of Oak/StarLife partnership is the Phobia WealthMaster Plan.

According to inside sources, it is one of the highest-selling policies on the market and it been dubbed 'your spot-kick to financial victory'.

The Phobia WealthMaster Plan is specially developed to enable our valued clients to realize their goals and aspirations in life with ease.

It is designed to cut across all sector of life and for that matter, everyone with the desired ambition can sign unto this plan.

It is uniquely desired to enable people to create wealth and ensure that their family's income is protected when they are called home or permanently disabled.

How to enjoy this plan

In creating more wealth to meet your aspirations, you should meet the following requirement:

*Should have a regular stream of income

* A minimum contribution of GH¢50.00 a month to start with

*Should be 18 years and above but not over 60 years

*Evidence of health MAY be required

What are the plan benefits?

*There is certainly and peace of mind. You actually know your investment returns at the end of the plan term right from inception.

*This amount can be increased substantially through the application of benefits increase option which serves as inflation protector

*Has attractive life cover same as sum assured

*A plan loan is accessible after 24 months of contributions

*Adequate financial provision in the event of permanent disability

*Dependent on your goal and ability, you choose a plan suitable for you

Plan features

*A flexible conventional endowment plan

*Death benefit same as sum assured

*A hybrid benefit of attractive life and investment benefit

*A waiting period of 90 days

*No further contribution in the event of total and permanent disability

Other services

*Prompt payment of death, total and permanent disability and maturity claims

*Assured of fair, equitable and prompt client service support