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Hearts of oak are currently preparing for their next match against Liberty Professionals. At the moment we have majority of our players in camp with the exception of the following. Mamane Lawali, Abdul Aziz Nurudeen, Daniel Yeboah and Enoch Addo.

MAMANE LAWALI is currently suffering from anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) on his right knee. MRI report shows that there is a tear. He is being treated currently by specialist with collaboration with the team’s medical personnel.


ABDUL AZIZ NURUDEEN, the defensive midfielder has had some flirts with injury this season. He is suffering from posterior horn of medial meniscus on his right knee, a grade 1 partial tear. He is currently under the strict care of the medical team and are monitoring his progress


DANIEL YEBOAH has strains at his right ankle joint and has been capped with plaster. He will be under  the care of the medical team at least for the next 4 weeks.


ENOCH ADDO is suffering from a pain on his left ankle. He will be back on the pitch soon.