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First words of Caleb to Supporters:

First words of Caleb to Supporters:


Caleb Amankwah has expressed his joy in joining hearts of oak. he said he is very happy with the way he was received by the supporters of the club. He is hopeful that the gesture will continue and motivate them to do more for their darling club.


Caleb Amankwah showed reasons why clubs expressed interest in him when he was at Aduana Stars. His level of discipline and understanding of the game made him a complete defender and very good at what he does. It is these few things that endeared him to the fans of Hearts of oak when rumor started spreading of his possible signing.


When asked what supporters should expect from him. He said, “expect the best from me”. He believes that the supporters are major reasons why the players can play better.

He asked supporters to show him love, not only to him, Caleb, but to every player.


On his message to the fans. Caleb reiterated that “As a footballer, one thing I know is that without them, (the fans), football is nothing, they add up to make it complete”.

He also said “in football, you won’t get it as you always wish, there are good days and bad days. In all, we need their prayers and support not only for me, Caleb Amankwah but for the entire team.”


Caleb Amankwah takes Jersey number 77.