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Kordie and Lawali scheduled for surgery in South Africa

Kordie and Lawali scheduled for surgery in South Africa 


Midfielders Daniel Kordie and Mamane Lawali are scheduled for surgery in South Africa. The club has requested for the players to make themselves available for the trip. However, the unfortunate news is that Lawali has refused to go on the trip for the treatment. 

They are billed to leave the country on Monday, May 10th, 2021 to make room for pre surgery discussions before the surgery will take place on May 13, 2021.

All medical expenses shall be borne by Accra Hearts of Oak. 

However, Lawali and his agent who had earlier refused to renegotiate for his contract extension has now refused to go for the treatment in South Africa. 

Meanwhile, in our contract with the player it is stated clearly that “Player shall immediately report any incapacitation or illness to the Club and the Club shall keep a record of any incapacity or illness. The Player shall submit promptly to such medical and dental examinations as the Club may require and shall undergo, at no expense to himself, such treatment as may be prescribed by the medical or dental advisers of the Club in order to restore the Player to fitness. The Club shall arrange promptly such prescribed treatment and shall ensure that such treatment is undertaken and completed without expense to the Player”. 

Accra Hearts of Oak has therefore decided to report Lawali’s conduct to the GFA for advice if he insists on not going for the treatment in South Africa.