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Match Report - Hearts vrs Elmina Sharks

Things have changed somewhat since our victory over KingFaisal and the most outlandish victory so far has been the historic one overBechem.

With this victory over Elmina Sharks, Hearts will continueto do their part which is to win in order to continue with points gathering sowe will be in an advantageous position to take over. They remain focus.

Samuel Boadu and his players pulled it off at the Accrasports stadium. They did it for themselves and for the supporters but also,perhaps, to enhance their title ambitions, the title that is being Keenly contested,they can't afford to drop points because the focus is on the title.

Hearts of Oak 2 – 0 Sharks, Game week 25: as it happened

Hearts who had a penalty in the last minute of the firsthalf, saw it go waste after Victor Aidoo's kick was saved by Sharks'goalkeeper.

Hearts’ goals were scored by Isaac Mensah and Benjamin Afutuin the second half. Up until then, it had been a cagey game with both teamsknocking at each other’s goal post especially in the early minutes of the firsthalf.

For that few spells, the fear of making an error weighedheavily on both teams especially in the midfield and how the spectaclesuffered. There was not much of a desire for taking on an opponent or riskingthe ball.

In the lead up to the goal, Isaac Mensah put everything intoit. No wonder when the error occurred, he was there to take advantage of thesituation

In a brief conversation with hearts news, Man of the matchBenjamin Afutu indicated that the victory is for the entire Hearts fraternityespecially the fans who have been supporting them in all ways.

The connection between the scorer, Afutu and the ball wasperfect and it flew into the net beyond the Sharks’ goalie, who stretched forthe ball to no avail.

The phobian fans, who formed a part of the 25% crowd,screamed in joy after the ball rolled into the net.

Their joy could not be hidden.

The defense was superb on the day with Addo giving another 5-starperformance. He has been very consistent with his performance since he steppedin for the suspended Nuru Sulley. He is having his momentum build up and nowonder the coaches have reposed confidence in him.

The whole team expressed their joy at the final whistle.

The delight was more visible than it was when the secondgoal was scored. The second goal, scored by Benjamin Afutu was enough to bagall the available 3 points for the team.

It was a well calculated Freekick taken by Salifu which waseventually headed home by Afutu to beat Shark’s goalkeeper.

This victory ensures that our chase for the title is stillon course, we are 2 points behind the league leaders.

The team will make a trip to Techiman to face Eleven wonderson Friday.