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one on one with Kofi kodzi caught up with striker, Kofi Kodzi after scoring his first goal for the Phobians after making his return to the team. How he’s developed as a player and a person, his relationship with Samuel Boadu and how Boadu sees him fitting into the Phobian team…

Kofi Kodzi, you’re back! How much of a change have you witnessed since your return to the team?

‘The training grounds has been changed; this place is better than it was when l was here. We have a new bus which is much comfortable than the previous one and have a very solid team. I am very happy to be back. It’s good to be around the people and see a lot of familiar faces too. The coaches have also welcomed me well and we are moving on as a team.

It’s almost three years to the day since you first arrived at Accra Hearts of Oak. What are the main differences between Kofi Kodzi the player then and now?

‘I just feel more complete. I’ve tried to master all the facets that a striker needs and I just want to keep improving on the small details all the time and keep improving on my strengths as well.

‘I just want to try to help the team win and be available for the manager as well as for my team-mates. I want to make sure that they feel comfortable and they can lean on me in whatever situation we’re in.’

Having played outside the shores of Ghana what new do you see yourself bringing on board…

‘I’m a team player, making sure that everybody around me feels comfortable and confident. That’s the way I play. I make sure that everybody is confident and happy with me so we can get on well at all times to play our hearts out for the team.

‘When there’s a difficult moment in the game, they can lean on me and I’ll always be encouraging my team-mates, never being down on them or barking at them. I try to stay positive and make sure that we win the game because that’s always the most important thing.’

Have you managed to speak much to the boss, Samuel Boadu about how he sees your role in the team?

'Yes, of course! The conversation was really clear from him, that he wants me to be a leader upfront and a team player. I have to just use all my abilities to make sure I can help the team as much as possible.

‘My role will depend on what the game plan is and what the boss wants me to do. If he wants me to be a focal point or if he wants me to attack the spaces in behind, I can do it.

‘I like the system that we play and I’m very flexible. Knowing the strengths of my team-mates in important positions and knowing what we do off the ball, then I can do the rest.’

So now, what are your plans?

‘I am ready, l am trying to prove myself to the coaches that if I am selected I can play. We all have to compete throughout the week to earn our starting places.

‘For me it’s going to be a new fight but we’re all fighting for one cause – to make sure that Hearts is the eventual winner. I’ll make sure that in training I give 100 per cent every day and make sure that I’m ready for each game. will continue to update the club’s followers and fans with more exclusive interviews from our team.