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James Sewornu wins "Man of the match"

James Serwornu was awarded the MVP of the game after his thunderbolt goal eluded goalkeeper Kusi of Gold stars. 

Serwornu who stepped in for captain Fatawu played to his best. 

His top of the mind awareness that Barnieh will pass the ball back to him after his attempt to go deep into the opponent's box gave him the confidence to shoot past the goalie. 

He had attempted similar shots earlier in the game even though those went off target. 

When asked about his goal he explained that 

"I can't hide my joy. I am so happy, very happy. I wasn't surprised because at the training grounds we do a lot of target shooting at training so it's not surprising."

His game changed when they came back from recess. The entire team took charge of the game and he was able to cover his part and still helped his teammates in other positions. 

He hopes to continue with an improved performance to help the team.