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Larry made the job very easy - Mohammed Alhassan

Larry Sumaila was the fans favorite when he got the opportunity to play full 90 minutes against Bibiani GoldStars last Wednesday. Hearts of Oak who were struck with an unknown illness due to that were unable to raise the regular starting team to honour the game but to fall on the few who were a bit ok after taking their medications. Team Hearts reported of an unknown illness on Monday as several of the players were admitted in the hospital. Larry was tasked to step in as a centre back a position he fantastically played to perfection. Coach Boadu expressed joy about his performance on the day. 

“He is a good player and I have confidence in him. If I didn’t have confidence in him, I’d have asked that he is released from the club. I have so much confidence in him and today he has proved that he has quality. He was fantastic.”

The deputy captain and captain for the day, Mohammed Alhassan was full of praises for his central defensive partner on the day and explained that Larry made the job very easy for him at the back just like the rest of the other defenders he has been paired with during this season.

“When it comes to football everyone has his individual qualities and when you are on the field of play and you have a mate that pays attention to details then you are safe. Fortunately Larry is one.” Said Alhassan. 

Most fans who were at the stadium praised him for keeping the back line tight. His colleague, Alhassan expressed same feelings. “He is a smart guy just like the other defenders I have been paired with. Before the start of the game, Coach mentioned that we should implement what we had rehearsed at training. If you will all be truthful to yourselves today, he was perfect and mind you that is not his position but he bossed it.” 

Fans have called for him to be used as the league winds out. He just may have made a case for himself.