PHOBIA4LIFE is an integrated membership and payments platform that has been launched with the objective of giving every Phobian a unique opportunity to be a recognized supporter of the club. By registering fully and activating your PHOBIA4LIFE profile, Accra Hearts of Oak will, for the first time, have a central database of registered fans of the club which will enable the club to develop exciting products and services, together with our commercial partners, for our fans.


Our strength as Phobians is in our numbers. Phobia is one big family of passionate people in Ghana and around the world. The appeal and commercial value of our club lies in our ability to provide targeted communication and value offerings to our fans.

As the club celebrates a huge milestone of 110 years of existence, it is imperative that all Phobians, young and old, would be proud to flaunt their membership of the great Oak Family, and to inspire a new generation of Phobians that will lift the club to its rightful place in African football.



How can I register for PHOBIA4LIFE?

There are 3 channels every Phobian can use to register for PHOBIA4LIFE:
1. Via USSD short code: Dial *389*1911# and follow the prompts
2. Click on the PHOBIA4LIFE tab on the website and fill out the registration details
3. Download the Accra Hearts of Oak App and register via the PHOBIA4LIFE menu.
Every fan is encouraged to complete your registration fully and provide all the requested details during the time of registration.
For the USSD platform, we encourage all Phobians to try again if the system fails. USSD is prone to timing out when the rate of response is slow.

What happens after I register?

To activate your membership account, you will be required to pay an activation fee of GHS 5.00. This activation fee enables your unique PHOBIA4LIFE ID number to be generated and sent to you. All Phobians are however encouraged to pay the full membership fee of GHS60.00 at the time of registration.

Why must I make a financial contribution to Phobia?

By making a financial contribution to Phobia, you are certifying yourself as a true Phobian. The club has short- and long-term financial commitments that must be met on the journey to the top of African football. Every Cedi counts. Your contribution, no matter how small, is critical in putting Phobia on a sound financial footing to make the necessary investments in our Players and technical team, our infrastructure, such as the Pobiman Academy, and our ability to acquire the best football talents from Africa and beyond.

Why GHS 60 per year?

The idea is for every Phobian to commit a minimum of GHS5.00 every month to the club for the entire year. However, it will be a lot more beneficial to the club if every Phobian paid the full year’s membership fees upfront, or in bigger amounts.

You can think of GHS60 as every fan gifting Phobia the value of one or two tickets to watch the team play at our home grounds, the Accra Sports Stadium.

You can also think of it as every Phobian contributing one bag of cement to the Hearts Academy Project at Pobiman.

Every amount counts, no matter how small. If you cannot afford GHS60.00 per year, Phobia will still appreciate greatly whatever amount you can donate.

What do I get in return for my financial contribution?

The principle of the fees and donations is based on Phobians making a contribution to Phobia from their hearts. “Ask not what Phobia can do for you; ask what you can do for Phobia”.

However, to show appreciation for your kind donations, a generous range of benefits are available at various levels of membership, from Standard Membership to Double Platinum Membership.

How often can I pay my fees or donate?

As often as you like… weekly, monthly, or anyhow you please! Phobians are however encouraged to pay the standard membership fee of GHS60.00 as quickly as they can.