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Bezzies our latest feature: Rolls off with Otanga and Cisse.

A new feature of the club called “Bezzies” gives you an insight into the heart of the chemistry amongst our players. 

The first edition and episode see us having a conversation with Otanga and Cisse. The camera crew sat with our players in a relaxed atmosphere to uncover their untold stories, inside jokes, and the secrets to their chemistry on the field. 

Otanga, the team's seasoned defensive midfielder, shared his insights with the camera crew. "Kofi Agbesima," he began with his admiration, "he's a captain who truly leads by example. His leadership qualities are unmatched."

Otanga's words painted a picture of a player who not only commanded respect on the field but also carried himself with dignity and grace off it.

"Kofi's a fantastic captain," Otanga continued, his eyes alight with reverence. "The way he carries himself, the way he motivates the team—it's inspirational. We like him."

Cisse, who was seated with Otanga in the new feature, also shared his view and expressed his opinion on the team's rising star. With a warm smile, he spoke of Hamza, a young talent whose rise had captivated fans and teammates alike.

"Hamza," Cisse remarked, his voice tinged with pride, "a player who's got it all. He's smart, he's agile, and he knows his movement at all times."

As Cisse delved into stories of Hamza's on-field prowess and off-field attributes, it became clear that the young player was more than just a rising star—he was a beacon of hope for the team's future.

The new feature of the club, aptly named "Bezzies," offerers fans a rare glimpse into the inner workings of their beloved team. Through candid interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. 

Bezzies is going to be a feature in the club’s TV show on the YouTube channel, and fans are encouraged to subscribe and stay connected for more interesting programs on Hearts TV on our YouTube page.